Exercise Rehab

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The Role of Exercise Rehab in Your Recovery

Recovering from a traumatic injury doesn’t happen overnight. The injuries you sustained from a recent car accident or a bad fall at work can cause discomfort for a long time.

Seeking immediate treatment from a chiropractor can grant you immediate pain relief. However, you will need more than pain relief to recover from your injuries. To get your body back in condition, you must undergo exercise rehab.

Exercise rehab involves performing various physical tasks that will help your body return to form. Integrating rehab exercises into your recovery routine is helpful in various ways.

For starters, exercising during your rehabilitation period will address the tightness caused by your injury. If you’ve struggled to regain full use of your arms and legs thus far, the rehab exercises will help restore your range of motion. Thanks to that, you should be able to move your arms and legs like normal again.

Going through rehabilitation exercises will also strengthen your muscles. Strengthening your muscles is hugely beneficial because doing so can help you avoid injuries moving forward. You should strongly consider adding those exercises to your treatment regimen if you’ve dealt with nagging injuries in the past.

Adopting a new exercise routine today can also positively impact your quality of life. Regular exercise can help eliminate the health struggles you experienced previously. You may also have the opportunity to partake in more physically demanding activities because you put in plenty of work during your rehabilitation.

Let an experienced chiropractor guide you through your rehabilitation program. Work with Dr. Buchovecky of Albany Chiropractic Clinic and start putting together your exercise rehab program in Albany, OR.

The Exercise Rehab Process

There is no one-size-fits-all exercise rehab program. If you’re looking to speed up your recovery by undergoing rehab, you have to receive guidance from your chiropractor first. Your chiropractor will evaluate your current condition to determine which exercises will suit you best. They will also tell you how long to perform those exercises so you don’t push yourself too far.

Early on, your chiropractor can help you perform the exercises. They can help you stretch and position your body to ensure you execute the exercises correctly. Their assistance will help ensure that the exercises will deliver your desired results.

Your rehabilitation doesn’t have to end at the chiropractor’s office. They can also teach you exercises you can perform at home if you want to recover faster.

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