Auto Injury Treatment

Car accident After you have an auto accident, one of the first things you need to find is an auto injury chiropractor. In Albany, OR the one to see is Dr. Philip Buchovecky of Albany Chiropractic Clinic. We have the treatments and therapies that can get you on the road to recovery. 

Chiropractic adjustments

The trauma of an auto accident can do serious damage to the alignment of your neck and spine. Whiplash snaps the head back and forth and this throws everything off. After an auto accident, your auto injury chiropractor will do an evaluation of your back and neck and likely suggest adjusting to get things back in alignment. It should be done as soon after the accident as possible. 

Massage therapy

Both the body and the mind benefit from massage therapy. Deep tissue massage is a vigorous form of massage therapy that helps by targeting a specific area that may have been injured. It is especially helpful for cases of whiplash. When the neck snaps back and forth, not only does it affect the neck and spine, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments get stretched and can become tight and painful. When massage therapy is used in combination with other chiropractic treatments, it helps all of them work more efficiently. 


Electrotherapy uses low levels of electric current to treat injuries to the soft tissues in the body. It reduces pain, swelling, and the time it takes to recover from an injury. Electrodes are placed over the area and when the electricity is applied, the muscles contract, which eventually tires them out, and they relax. Endorphins are also released, which relieves pain and makes you feel good as well. 

Rehabilitation exercise

Rehabilitation exercise is specifically targeted exercise to help to stretch and relieve the pain that may result from whiplash and other auto injuries. Your chiropractor will provide the instructions for the exercise, and you will be able to do them at home to continue your treatment between visits. 

Therapeutic ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound uses soundwaves to treat pain and injury deep within the soft tissue. Reducing pain, inflammation, and stiffness is the goal of this therapy. It produces heat that is very healing, but you won't feel any burning. 

Contact Dr. Buchovecky of Albany Chiropractic Clinic in Albany, OR when you are in need of an auto injury chiropractor. We can be reached through our website or on the phone at 541-926-6911. 

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